Casewhere comes pre-integrated with Digital Denmark


When creating new eGov solutions, you will not be starting from scratch. 1000s of Application Programming Interfaces a.k.a. APIs (software intermediaries that allow applications to talk to each other) are already in place to serve new solutions. The most well known ones are NemID/MitID and eBoks, but there are a lot more than these that will leapfrog your solution ahead of what would be possible in many other countries.

Casewhere is fully integrated with NemID/MitID and eBoks, but we have integrations with so many other systems that you may not even be aware existed or knew that you could utilize. By choosing Casewhere you will immediately be ready to take advantage of the benefits that these other systems offer.

In this article, we will go through some of the more interesting integrations and how they may benefit your solution. But we have integrated with 100s of solutions, so if you have specific requirements please do have a talk with us so we can present those APIs that you probably need.

NemID/MitID: Digital identity and signature

Avoid complex onboarding procedures for you solution as with NemID/MitID, you know that your users’ identities are already established and secure. This is especially important for eGov sites, as the NemID digital identity is what establishes a citizen’s rights to utilize public services. Company employee digital signatures let employees act on behalf of the companies they work for.

eBoks: Digital post that all citizens and companies must have

Ensures immediate direct communication with citizens without the need to collect their personal or company email adresses.

CVR/ Company information, accounting data, registration texts, contacts, industries

Get vital information of the organisations to which you offer services, like their adresses, production units, financial status, industry codes and much more.

Rejseplanen: Information on travel using public transport

Offer users of your solution information on how to reach your offices and how to get to a meeting with you case workers on time.

DIBS/nets: Online payment services

Support users doing payment for services using credit cards and other payment methods.

NemKonto: Public payment services

Transfer money to citizen accounts without needing to collect their bank information.

Statistikbanken: Statistical information regarding the Danish society

Improve decision making in your solution by getting relevant statistical data to compare your own data with, e.g. number of citizens in a specific municipality. This API offers 1000s of types of data so you will likely find relevant data regardless of the service you offer.

Datafordeler: Information on land, ownership, parcels, adresses, buildings, commercial and industrial units, maps of Denmark

Strengthen you validation procedures and geospatial decision-making by integrating with this service that offers both map features as well as ownership information for all land and buildings in Denmark.